"GLORY" Geneva - Costumes Designed by Tassos Sofroniou

Tassos Sofroniou was selected to design the costumes for the upcoming new production "GLORY" for the legendary Grand Theater De Geneva.
The mastermind behind this new dance creation is the famous Greek born, Lyon based choreographer and director Andonis Foniadakis.

This is the 3rd time he is collaborating with the Grand Theater but the first were he was commissioned to do the whole evening dedicated exclusively to his work with a brand new play for the Grand Theater.

Inspired by the music of the baroque composer Georg Friedrich Händel the creation, is an homage to the decadence of a period, where people were closer to the magic of the divine, in all it s excess and full on decadence.

Tassos reference for the costumes was among others, the classic red velvet draped theater curtain, that will always symbolize the beauty and the mystery, as well as the anticipation, behind the start of a great spectacle and it s unique cast of protagonists.

True to his design roots for his label Conquistador, Tassos studied and deconstructed baroque period costumes , presenting modern, timeless new costumes for all of the 22 dancers of the company,  in geometric shapes but with elegant hand made details and and sharp elongated silouetes that re-define the symmetry of the human body.

Conceptual lighting by Mikki Kunttu adds an optical illusion for great volume and depth to the costumes, creating a unique peek-a-boo for the viewer, were reality and fantasy play an interesting game of contrasts as to what after all, is actually real or a hidden, desired, live fantasy.

"GLORY" by Andonis Foniadakis Costumes by Tassos Sofroniou Musical CoOrdinator Julien Tarride Light Scenography  by Mikki Minttu Premieres Feb 4th, 2012 , BFM Theater Geneva. Production Grand Theater De Geneva.
Photos by Mikki Kunttu

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