To celebrate the first year aniversary of the very active existance of the Conquistador Menswear Label we participated in the official schedule of the only Greek international fashion week fair in Athens Greece that was the 10th Athens Xclusice Designers Week.

With an overwhelming attendance of a strong crowd of 550 people most of them industry professionals and buyers and another 150 watching -unfortunately- the show from the giant monitors outside the main venue, due to the space limitations the collection "Walking On Ice" was a strong statement about urban, universal elegance with a cool, smart appeal for the contemporary man with a timeless edge.

The show started with the projection of a short movie made exclusively for Conquistador by Fotis Vasilis. "What makes a man a true Conquistador" made the first headline and by the end of the 3.6 minutes video the crowd was already cheering and clapping giving the thumbs up for the first model to exit from backstage in a rave of positive reaction and general up beat emotion that was kept til the end of the 30 exits SS12 collection.

Sharp silhouettes and police uniform design references were constantly present-as Police is present for more than 3 year in the day to day activities of the city of  Athens-with light touches in pants and tops inspired by the Brazilian surf culture and the famous Paris Dakar motorcycle rally in North Africa.

A new shade of Tan brown was the predominant color of choice making the real life people and professional models who walked the show, looking almost constantly naked in their attire, but totally "rich" by the intricate details and the materials combined in each look.
Shades of dove grey , black and white completed the looks and a variation of the handmade-trademark by now -leather goods and accessories gave this new masculine pulp to the whole collection.
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