The Birth Of the Rebel Citizen

The word "conquistador" literally translated means "conqueror". A dictionary defines "conqueror" as "one who conquers" or "one who overcomes or surmounts".

Conquistador is the brainchild of the renowned german born, Athens based Greek fashion photographer & stylist Tassos sofroniou
Conquistador as a contemporary, menswear label, is inspired by the classic college hoody top, totally reworked and presented in new proportion, refreshing   style and sharp unique tailoring.

The base of the top is a 100% cotton and the detailing blends 100% real washable leather and satin cotton poplin.
Each collection will be available only in three different colors per season-this season in black, cloud grey and dust powder black- and in four sizes (XS,S,M,L ).

100% leather accessories such as bags, laptop cases, wallets and leather jewelry will complete the look as well as two dif styles of trousers for a strong impact of a total conquistador look.
The final result of this concept is an alternative, new urban masculine style, for a 24/7 day, anywhere in the world.

The precise creative cut, the close-to-the-body fit and the maximum masculine effect are the key elements for a conquistador style as an extension of the male body, providing comfort and originality at it s best.
with design references from  scuba diving uniforms to early 16th century soldiers  and classic tuxedo suits to extreme sport apparel, Conquistador is a new menswear label that embraces  the rebel citizen within all and chooses to be present phischicaly and mentally  24/7 all year around.
A true, modern day, explorer and adventurer who travel continuously, demands comfort, personal style and avoids seasonal trends and complicated looks.

The preview collection will be presented in oct. 2010 in Athens - Greece in a closed event for press and buyers only, in a form of an art installation directed by the established contemporary greek born, lyon based, choreographer Adonis foniadakis.

For more information’s please contact tassos sofroniou at

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